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Caviste of Glencoe 


A Boutique Wine Shop 


Located inside of La Relance Salon in downtown Glencoe 


We are a terroir driven wine shop. We represent wineries that have been family owned for generations where quality comes first with no mass production. 


All of our chosen wines have been crafted traditionally with organic and sustainable practices. 


Wines are not created equally.

We individually inspect each wine to meet our required standards. 


In a market where thousands of wines are available at your whim, huge inventories are both confusing and intimidating. 


Caviste of Glencoe has been created to erase the confusion of the over saturated market. 

We Will Be Closing The Wine Shop On Dec 30, 2023

Caviste of Glencoe's journey began during the covid shutdown while my hair salon, La Relance was closed. Having access to an import and distribution company with a portfolio of wines that are hand selected for quality, true to origin and style of the terroir it comes from with organic and sustainable practices, I decided to open a boutique wine shop inside of my salon. The rest is history as we were licensed and open by fall of 2020. With out high brokerage fees on the import side I am able to provide high quality organic wines at very affordable prices. I'd be delighted to meet and treat you to a taste of our wines from

Caviste'of Glencoe's portfolio.

-Amanda 🍷

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